32FT Mobile Kitchen

32FT Mobile Kitchen For Rent

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We have the best price, the best service, and the best quality and including staff who are willing to work with people who have the need for our service. We get on the phone with them and get what they need, talking with them, getting the things and items they needed in order to get their project and construction needs.  It is our job to make sure that the customer has everything they need to get the service started.

Our 32 ft Mobile Kitchen is equipped with 1-36″ Griddle, 1-36″ Stainless Steal Exhaust Hood, 1-36″ Fryer, Dual Stack Convection Oven, Ansal Fire Suppression System, Dry Storage Area, Electrical Panel, Stainless Counter Top, Hand Sink, 3 Compartment Sinks, Mop Sink, 3 Drawer Reach in Ref., Dual Stack Steamer, 6 Burner Range, & Water Heater.
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