Some ask why shouldn’t we use a remote refrigeration temporary storage  location?

We have many reason to choosing mobile and portable refrigeration rentals during the renovation part of you existing kitchens:

  1. Your company can keep your existing staff  as opposed to of outsourcing your refrigeration storage needs. Food Service companies know how hard it is to find hardworking and skilled employees.  Should your company  let them walk and start from the start all over again?
  2. So many  locations need to  order portable, temporary and mobile refrigeration and cannot find the right vendor.  Nothing is  available.
  3. So many customers and employees need cold storage to maintain safe food storage health and safety rules.
  4. Phase construction can 2x then the normal time to do the construction all at one time.
  5. Phase construction has to be monitored and can be very dangerous. When it comes to food services.  Many  construction staff, contracting services and the building owners have the responsibility of maintaining and  controlling the quality of the air; this is also known as “Indoor Air Quality”.  Microscopic invisible to the eye spores float in occupying space and can make for  cross contamination in the food preparation and consumption.