Reefer Trailer

Reefer Container Rental CA

We have refrigerated trailer rental in Los Angeles, San Jose, Gilroy, Santa Ana and nationwide.

They have basically 2 types of Kitchens. One is a Mobile Kitchen that comes on wheels. They also have temporary kitchen facilities which are more of the building type structures. They have everything from Mobile Kitchens to Refrigerator containers. Most customers request for the Mobile Kitchen and they are requesting for additional refrigeration for larger projects. There are many benefits that you can get from mobile refrigerated trailer rental. Aside from preserving your products and goods for storage, it can also be a cost effective solution for a temporary storage facility. Instead of purchasing or building your own cold storage unit, you can simply outsource a mobile refrigerated container rental company that can give you a wide variety of storage units for your business. Purchasing or building your cold storage can be expensive and would require much investment for it to take place. Plus, you would need a set of in-house staff to man them for maintenance which adds to the expense. In the medical field, especially for large hospitals, it offers a temporary cold storage for organs. In the pharmaceutical business, cold unit facilities and storage help medicines maintain their effectivity until use. In the agricultural business and fisheries, mobile cold storage rentals also help with distribution by maintaining and preserving freshness for consumption. For food management and catering, cold storage facilities and walk-in refrigeration help keep ingredients, crisp and fresh for consumption and use. All units operate primarily on propane which makes it a lot easier when needing to set up in a hurry.

All our reefer trailers are Diesel Units.