53FT Mobile Kitchen Rental

53FT Mobile Kitchen Rental CA

We offer the largest Mobile kitchens For Rent we have a 52ft mobile kitchen.

Temporary Kitchens 123, however, does not provide temporary kitchens for business start-ups. They don’t provide service to people that want to go and venture into the catering business. Also, as much as possible, they don’t provide equipment for people who are merely renovating their private homes or private home kitchens. Of course it can be done but rent costs around $7,000 a month which would be too impractical from a financial standpoint. Temporary Kitchens 123 is a commercial business application that specializes in providing equipment and service for commercial kitchens.

We rent portable kitchens for rental from 24ft to 52ft we are here when you needs us for kitchen renovation or emergency.

A Portable Mobile Kitchen is a complete commercial kitchen that we offer for Rental. It is a mobile or a modular culinary production unit. It is utilized to replace or supplement existing facilities during a time of closure, a renovation or even an expansion. Units are entirely scalable based on volume and demand. A small population may require only a single unit or a trailer while a larger population or a more extensive menu may require multiple units. Temporary Kitchens are an ideal, cost effective and efficient solutions for a multitude of food service challenges, namely: renovation or remodelling, new construction, increasing capacity, storage or volume requirements, and preparing or responding to disaster situations or emergencies.

10 burner stove with two ovens 4 foot griddle 35# deep fat fryers (2) 3 door refrigerator true 3 door Freezer true Convection oven Bakers pride 2 Stock pot burner 2 100 gallon water tank 10 gallon water heater 20 kw Cummins Generator diesel Diesel tank (2) 20 gallon Hand washing sinks 2 3 compartment sink 80 gallon propane tanks (2) Grey water tanks (2)
* Excellent condition
* All units 2007 and newer
* Diamond Plated flooring
* Low entrants; less than 36 inches off the ground
* 33% more usable space than most mobile kitchens
(space calculated on actual usage area instead of bumper to bumper)
* Dishwashers utilize high pressure commercial cleaning system
(available in most mobile kitchens)
* All units installed with Ansul suppression system
* Units detailed and cleaned with a high pressure washing system
Hitch Requirements:
53 Ft Trailer-
1. Need a 5500 Series and up to pull this trailer.
2. Gooseneck – 2 5/16th Ball Hitch
3. Has a hitch receiver, electrical Landing Gear.
4. Weight is approx 30,000lbs
Electrical Requirements: 220 80 amp service must be directly connected to panel by electrician